Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photos From Fangoria Magazine Issue #44

These are some great photographs from Fangoria issue #40 from 1984 which was the first time A Nightmare On Elm Street was featured in the magazine. I've seen most of these photos around different places over the years but it's nice to see some quality versions. I'll post the article on the film from this issue soon. Click on photos to view full size.


  1. Wow. Awesome pictures. They remind me again how violent and terrible this movie was. I love it so much that sometimes I forget about that. But you just reminded me who freddy really is. Damn good post buddy.

  2. Thanks so much, you just made my night. I feel the same way. It's easy to forget how unique the original film was especially because of how familar Freddy became once the series became such a cultural phenomenon.

  3. Exactly!
    The last time I was reminded of this it was by Freddy himself in a nightmare I had. It was like "oh this isn´t funny".
    And now you did it.
    I also want to thank you for showing us these rare pictures I haven´t seen anywhere else.

  4. Hey Ryan!

    You should post the photos from your port short shoot. They would fit in perfectly on here! ;-)