Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photos From Fangoria Magazine Issue #44

These are some great photographs from Fangoria issue #40 from 1984 which was the first time A Nightmare On Elm Street was featured in the magazine. I've seen most of these photos around different places over the years but it's nice to see some quality versions. I'll post the article on the film from this issue soon. Click on photos to view full size.

Three Photos From The Book "Screams and Nightmares"

Sorry for last weeks lack of posts. I was away on a break from school but now I'm back. I also got in a copy of Fangoria issue #40 which has some great photos and a really interesting set visit article from the set of A Nightmare On Elm Street. I'll post the photos as soon as I scan them in and I'll also post the full article for those interested to check out. For now, here's some black and white photos from Screams and Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven.