Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thai Lobby Card

This is a scan from a sheet of Thai lobby cards I got from ebay. It's the same production still from the cover of The World of Fandom Magazine featured below on an older post. I'd really like to get a hold of the Thai theatrical poster because it features a wonderful, colorful painting of scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Three Black And White Photos

These photos are scans from the book The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion. The first is of Freddy in the boiler room, the second is a dark production shot of Freddy stretching his arms across the alley behind Tina's house and the third is of an unused shot in which Glen's bloody body rises back out of his bed.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

French Lobby Card

This was originally my first post on here, but I decided to rescan this photo and do a better job of color correcting it. I had seen a production still similar to this one in the book The Nightmare Never Ends, but it was small and in black-and-white. A few years later when I purchased a set of French lobby cards from ebay, I was really surprised to find this picture in the collection of eight photos. It's a great example of how much of a darker film A Nightmare On Elm Street was compared to it's sequels. Freddy's makeup design looks particularlygruesome in this photo and he's covered in feathers from the scene where he slashes Nancy's pillow open with his glove. Click for full-size.

Freddy Lurking And A French Lobby Card

The first photo is a production still of Freddy hiding around a corner, and the second is a scan of a French lobby card which features Freddy coming through the wall while Nancy sleeps in Tina's room. At the end of the month I'm getting in Fangoria issue #40, which was the first time A Nightmare On Elm Street was featured in the magazine. I'm not sure exactly what photos will be in it, but I'm sure they'll be good. I'll post the full article as well, because I'm sure it'll be an interesting read.

Favorite Photo I've Found Yet

This photo was a really nice surprise to discover and it's definitely one of my favorite that I've found. It's another from the series of photos taken from the scene where Freddy shreds Nancy's pillow, and I had never seen it before. This photo is great because I think it really reflects how original the character of Fred Krueger was compared to the other slashers at the time. Fred Krueger was an absoultelty frightening antagonist who enjoyed every second of the bizarre, supernatural revenge he was able to extract on the children of Elm Street.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Freddy From An Unused Ending and Tina's Special Effects Head

The first photo is from the book The Nightmare On Elm Street Companion and it was taken during the filming of an alternate ending where Freddy is driving Glen's car. The second photo is from a Japanese program and features a good look at the replica of Tina's head built by special effects man David Miller, for the scene where the centipede crawls out of her mouth.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The World of Fandom Magazine and Cinefantastique

The first image is the cover of the July 1985 edition of The World of Fandom Magazine, which features a scarcely seen, strangely lit production photo of Freddy. The second and third photos are from the July 1988 edition of Cinefantastique, the first is Freddy in the boiler room and the second is Wes Craven directing Heather Langenkamp on set.